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New to LJ, This Group, but not to scuplting

Howdy all! I'm another newbie here to LJ and this group- though I know a few of you here from DA...I thought I'd post pics of two of my latest figs: Albrecht and Notus-foehn the Wind Follettis!

Two new Wind Folletti here! The blue fellow is Albrecht the Rain Maker and the firey one is Notus-foehn the Folletti of the hot southern winds.

They ride the winds if the world in their magic little milk-weed pods.

These guys are small... about an inch or so...

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Well, Kevin, it sure would be nice to see them.............if you had left a link. ;)
Hmmm....well, when I wrote this I inserted a pic of them and it showed up on my preview of this posting...either the moderator didn't like it or it's a glitch of some kind with LJ or my own operator error...thanks for pointing it out. Although the preview feature here is a bit frustrating when it shows that all is a go and then magically it isn't! Harrumph!!! and you see it all here- and eventually here on my main web site,once the update is completed- Sorry for the blank pic! Der on me!!!!! Let me know if these links suddenly don't work- they seem to be working in the preview...but then...
Sweet. That little wind elf...thingy guy looks like he's gunna jump off of that wicker-pod....chair???.....and start rambling off the tales of H.R. Tolkein (SP?) He almost looks real! Very impressive detail. I'm not a HUGE fan of this sort of character, but being a fellow sculptor, I can relate to, and respect the amount of blood,sweat and tears that go into these figures. Very well done! :D
Thanks...these aren't the only types of characters and sculpts I do- I try not limit myself- but thanks.
Well looking forward to seeing more of your work :)
I look forwrd to seeing everyone's work here. Yopu shoul get a gallery on Deviant Art- just follow my own link to DA and join- it's free or you can pay for a membership! Let me know if you do and I can add you to my friends/watch list there. You get a lot of cool features there that you don't here on this Blog.
Sweet. I'll check it out!
Let me know if you get on there! Stop by my DA page and say howdy!
You know what...if you simply right click the red Xed sqaure and select Show Picture, the pic shows up...try that. I dunno....