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Goblin Bun-Bun

Goblin - Bun-Bun
mixed media

This is Bun-Bun. He's the happiest of my Goblins! He has a playful personality and is always looking for a juicy snack. ^__^

His head is hand sculpted from polymer clay, his body is a sturdy armature sewn together with pigskin and artificial sinew, and his eyes are small round hematites. His ears are pigskin and fur and he was finished up with a nice sealer and acrylics.

He is 7" tall and stands on his own.

Bun-Bun comes with a signed tag and is the newest member of the Goblins at Blackbird Marmalade Creations.

He would love to hunt big nasty bugs for you and keep the Underbed Monsters in line. ~_^

and here's a link to his ebay auction.
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