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Hey guys, I'm new to this group and I figured I'd post some of my recent stuff... I work primarily in polymer clay since I cannot afford a kiln right now... I've seen some others people's work on here and I can only hope I learn to have skills like that i've been working in polymer clay for about 2 years now. I started out by making set of horns like ones sold at renn faires... and now i'm willing to try to make just about anything...  constructive criticism is much appreciated or tips.... I hope to make more pieces and maybe even sel them if I can bare to part with them... : )
Clay Gargoyle Clay Gargoyle

i made this for richard, cuz when he saw the one i made warren, he decided he wanted one too
Gargoyle 2 Gargoyle 2

I made this for Warren as a going away present
gravestone clock(w/o flash) gravestone clock(w/o flash)

Gargoyle Jar Topper Gargoyle Jar Topper

for use with jar candles
Batduck Batduck

this is a going away present for my bestest friend, I'm gonna miss him... and the duck too
yes i made this yes i made this

For those of you who've seen Wicked y'all know who this is
Dominatrix doll Dominatrix doll

I made this as a B-day present for someone...
Mr. Blooregard Mr. Blooregard

I love Fosters
now to make an Eduardo doll!
Baby Gargoyle Baby Gargoyle

newest addition...
I made this as a belated birthday present I hope they liked it

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