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:) I just found this community through random interest searches. :)

Does anyone know anything about mixing different brands of polymer clay? I've heard that mixing fimo with sculpey will give you a more durable result. true? false? :) I've just been gifted a big bag of both and I think I'm going to experiment. yay!

and since I just joined, here are some samples of my work. :)
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marvelous pieces! the roots are very original!
I've been mixing fimo with sculpey and super sculpey and superflex for almost 3 years now and I , until today, have not noticed a difference. I however do so mainly for colored works (like dragons) but I heard from shifletbrothers that supersculpey and fimo black gives not only a great working color (grays best to sculpt they insist) but also a certain consistence that is great to work with. Cant really say how it is since I did not pay attention while working with the mixed, but all I can say: it was not bad or I would not have been able to finish the works ;)